I’m upset and I want new clothes

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in the time of tulips, part three (by manyfires)

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Goodnight. #tumblr #poetry #langleav

Thanks for posting this, good night lovely xo Lang 


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The problem with girls is that they make every thing a BIG deal. They’re willing to fight over little things which are obviously nonsense. Sometimes, they even make you feel as if they are the only ones being hurt; when in fact they hurt themselves for being overly dramatic. Also, their mood changes easily. Most of the times, they’re too hard to handle. But you as a man should be more patient with your girl. Even if it is her fault, just please try to understand her because she’ll soon realize those things on her own. Don’t easily give up on her. Give her time to change herself for the better. After all, it is not easy being a girl believe me or not!
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